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RJ2R-24-7 Electric Tempering Furnace

The furnace is mainly used for tempering metal workpieces, nails, screws and other small parts.

  • RJ2R-24-7
  • Huarui

RJ2R-24-7 Electric Tempering Furnace

1. Function

The furnace is mainly used for tempering metal workpieces, nails, screws and other small parts.


The furnace has the characteristics such as: good uniformity of furnace temperature, simple operation, simple maintenance, low energy consumption and energy saving.


2. Technical parameter

Model No.


Working Size

400x500mm (diameter x height)

Rated Power


Maximum temperature


Temperature control area


Temperature control Accuracy


Uniformity of furnace temperature


Temperature control components

Solid-State relays, PID automatic transfer

Heating time of Empty Furnace


Temperature control instrument:

Japan Electric Intelligent Instrument

The electrical appliances have automatic switching furnace function, over-temperature alarm device

Auxiliary electrical appliance of the Control cabinet adopts domestic famous brand, Chint electric appliance.

Heating element

spiral resistance wire 0CR25A15

Air return barrel material

4mm 304 stainless steel plate rolled into round barrel

Windshield and fan blade material

304 stainless steel plate

Fan shaft material

Φ50 stainless steel 304 round steel

Furnace cover

The upper layer with A3 board, the middle uses the fiber cotton, the lower layer uses 3mm201 stainless steel plate

Furnace structure

Energy-saving refractory bricks and insulation cotton composition, insulation layer is not less than 300mm

Temperature measuring element

Strong alkali-resistant stainless steel thermocouple K-degree number

Hot air circulating fan

1.5KW motor, fan blade diameter is not less than 360mm, centrifugal type

Control cabinet size (L x W x H)


tempering furnace

tempering furnace (1)

tempering furnace (3)



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