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High Quality NC Automatic Hydraulic Straightening And Cutting Machine with Best Price

Straighten dia.:
Round steel bar: φ4-φ 10mm
Deformed steel bar:
Φ4-φ 8mm
Cutting length:
Cutting error:±1cm
Straighten speed:45m/min
Straighten motor:7.5kw
Straightening traction motor: 7.5kw
Machine weight:360kg
  • YGTQ4-10/YGTQ4-12(1)/YGTQ4-12(2)/YGTQ5-14/YGTQ6-16
  • Huarui

NC reinforcing steel bar straightening and cutting machine


1)  Speed can be adjusted

2)  Straightening fast without distortion 
3) High yield and low consumption 
4) No hurt to the ribs, stably running, small cutting errors, 
5) Low failure rate: work with high performance for a lone time under normal condition debugging.


The automatic bar straightening and cutting machine are efficient for cutting steel bars on project. They can cut different kinds of round steel bar and deformed steel bar. They are made of high quality steel knife seat and connecting shaft, international standard high speed motor and firm reinforcing covering. These machines have the features of solid, self-lubrication, little power loss, easy operation and easy moving with four wheels and the knife can be manually controlled.


2. Technical parameters of automatic rebar straightening and cutting machine

Specifications YGTQ4-10 YGTQ4-12(1) YGTQ4-12(2) YGTQ5-14 YGTQ6-16
round steel bar (mm) φ4-φ10 φ4-φ12 φ4-φ12 φ5-φ14 φ6-φ18
deformed steel bar (mm) φ4-φ8 φ4-φ10 φ4-φ10 φ5-φ12 φ6-φ16
cutting length (mm) 200-8000 300-8400 300-8400 300-8400 300-9500
cutting error (mm) ±10
±10 ±10 ±10 ±10
straigthening speed (m/min) 35-45 40-45 40-45 50-55 60-80
straigthening motor (kw) / / / / /
pulling motor (kw) 7.5 7.5 7.5 11 15
cutting motor (kw) / 5.5 / 5.5 5.5
L*W*H (m) 1.4*0.65*0.75 2*0.64*1.3 1.9*0.84*0.9 2.9*0.64*1.3 4*6.5*1.2

3. Packing and spare parts


Pre-sale Service

1.Supply item design,process design.

2.Help you to chose the most suitable machine.

3.Making the machine according to your requirement.


On-Sale Service

1.Acceptance equipment together with you .

2.Help you to make the method statement and the details of the process.


After Service

1.Guarantee for two years

2.Quality problem, we will sent you the accessories.

3.Free repair whole using life(without the freight and accessories charge).



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