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HD-90 High Speed Wire Nail Making Machine 800PCS/min

High speed ,Automatic, Low noise ,
High quality , Long service life ,
30 years experience ,2-year warranty ,
Lifetime technical support,Easy to operate
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 HD-90 High Speed Nail Making Machine Full Automatic Nail Machine


Highlight Advantages:

1.Long service life,no less than the traditional common nail making machine, for at least 10 years. White belt at low cost and long life which is 5-6 months without an incorrect operation.

2.Automatic oiling , few lubrication points, much less than traditional machines and other nail making machines on market. It is still very tidy when operating. 

3.Double-mode double-punching die structure (Double molds, Double punch pin. One nail cutter, made of imported alloy, the service life is 2-3 times that of ordinary mold.     

4. Reduce the cost of making nails. (the nail making speed is 800pcs / min, which effectively reduced 50% -70% nail labor work.

5. Reduce the cost of coiling nails (Effectively reduce 35%-45% coil nail labor work).

6. Greatly improve the weight of the product and reduce the production cost (Improvement of nailing and coil-nailing efficiency. Reduction of waste nails. The reduction of energy consumption, etc. at least effectively reduce the production cost of the nails by more than $20/ ton, which Improved the core competitive ability of the factory).

7. Power saving. The motor power is 7KW in total, and only 4KW/hour (inverter control) is used.

8. Increase the output : The capacity of high speed type is 3times compared with the common type. 

nail making machine nail machine

HD-90 nail making machine nail making machine


HD-90 automatic high speed

nail making machine

Nail diameter


Nail length


Nail making speed   


Motor power  

5.5KW+1.5KW (inverter control)

Machine weight  





Machine PartsName: punch

characteristic: unique patent,twice stamping

Dual-mode double-punch

①Nail head can be punched well even the shank is uneven.

②Big nail head.

③Nail head with out knock marks to ensure consistency.

④Uniform thickness of the nail cap diameter.

⑤Hollow design nail die,no small head,no ash blacking, no clip crumbs,no cracking,no frequent dies demolition.

Machine Parts

Name:Nail blade
characteristic:Uses the pendulum structure
①Short distance,low mechanical wear.
②High precision,nail cutter works without touch,low tool wear.
③More than 10 million times of single-blade shear,more time-saving and labor saving.






Machine Parts

Name:Feeding and rewinding structure
①High-precision feeding device.the error of each nail length is controlled within 0.3mm.

②Unique wire feeding and retreating combination,each nail through the wire feeding,cutting,wire retreating,three mechanical action,the nail will be completely separated from the nail shank to ensure quality.

2.Nail polishing machine   

Function: This machine is auxiliary equipment of nail making machine. When the nails have been made by the nail making machine, it will be not very bright. The user can use this machine to polish the nails to let it brighter, smoother and anti-rust. 


 3.Finished nails:

nails (2)

4.CE certification:




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