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120m/min High Speed Wire Strienghtening Cutting Machine

120m/min High Speed Wire Strienghtening Cutting Machine is used for processing 4-14mm smooth bar and 4-12mm ribbed bar, PLC control.
  • HRHS4-14
  • Huarui

120m/min  High speed bar straightening cutting machine


high speed bar straighten machine

Product features:

1. The overall body + adopt international profiles, adopt nowadays most advanced  three-dimensional laser cutting technology for the machine to provide a more secure and stable working safeguard.

2. Host machine system + adopt the domestic most advanced large-scale CNC machining centeran integral forming, and use the three-dimensional animation designmechanical geometric analysis for the spare parts processing to get more accurate guarantee.

3. Cutting system + cutting system+ adopt no eddy current back pressure technologylow oil temperature,fast cuttingwear resistancemore stable.

4. Straightening method + adopt multi-roller straightening wheel and straight line types straightening method, with the features of fast straightening , no distortionno injury and the shortest cut length can be controlled to 0.01m.

5. Pinch roller material + chromium 12 molybdenum vanadium alloy steel (Cr12MoV), and adopt nowadays most advanced international heat treatment technology, whose hardness is in HRC62-65. Also, theservice life can process 10,000 tons or more, which is 20 times than common pinch roller.

6. Debugging method + scale plate debugging method, breaking the traditional straightening machines shortcomings like no basis, no clue, repeated debugging situation. Easy to learn and convenient to use according to scale plate debugging, each time when replacement of a reinforced steel bar model, the debugging time can be shortened 3mins.

7. Control system + master control system adopts PLC computer programmingelectronic control automation control system, only need to enter the data of length, quantity, batch, then the user can  get fully automatic operation, completed from the straightening to cutting, totally the one-stop operation for the system.

8. The advantages of frequency control:

(1). Continuously variable speed, with wide speed range.

(2) .Smalstarting current , big starting torque.

(3) .High precision speed, easy to control the automation.

(4) .High efficiency, small cutting error.


Technical parameters:

Model No.


Straightening diameter

Round bar: 4-14mm

Deformed bar: 4-12mm

Cutting length

10-8000mm (can lengthen)

Length of Blanking frame

8m (can lengthen)

Control method


Frequency converter


Traction motor


Cutting motor


Straightening speed


Cutting error




Machine weight


bar straightening cutting machine

bar straighten cut machine

wire straightening cutting machine



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